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Making jigs to catch the pigs


All of our products are hand-made and can be customized. We offer over 15 different color options and 4 different weights. Every lure is powder coated, cured, strength tested and ready to use.

Below you can see some of the bass that we have caught using our own lures. If you don't see a style or color that you want to use please contact us for a custom order.

Bass Lures - Football Style Jigs

Bass Lures - Casting Style Jigs

About Me

My name  is Justin Cherry and my passion in life is fishing. I have been making my own lures and jigs as long as I have been fishing. I recently had friends asking me to make some for them which gave me the idea of starting this site. Why keep my expertise to myself? Everyone should be able to use my hand-made jigs to catch the pigs too.


Interested in placing an order or have questions about an order? Don't hesitate to ask!